I was chatting with the Wizard, grandmaster of webmasters, and he said: do a blog. But I already do several. I run them for a few weeks and then I get distracted, forget my address or id and have to start a new one.

I have as far as I remember the following:
448 Psychosis my random middle-of-the-night ramblings;
socialism from the bottom up a political blog about the absurdity of left disunity;
whatever happenned to the Red Star? says it all;
Wet Wednesdays – a writing blog that I’ve forgotten the password for;
Writing Uriel, ditto – which has now disappeared;
promisespromise one I didn’t even remember starting.

In addition there are the ones I thought about but never got round to:

100 Books I’ve Pretended to Have Read;

Writing with Both Hands – a writer’s guide;

21 Days – a self-help get writing programme;

Weird Sex in Space – a holding pen for all my unprintable fictions;

And the webnovel I actually got paid cash-type money to do and then got all tied up in the code and lost heart. That one will be up by new year. promise